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Gallego R. rated 5/5

29 days ago

Karin S. rated 3/5

1 months ago

Marianne B. rated 5/5

4 months ago

Charlotte P. rated 4/5

4 months ago

Coralie M. rated 5/5

4 months ago

Elisabeth J. rated 4/5
De bonnes crêpe et une bonne atmosphère pas pressé
6 months ago

NATHALIE A. rated 3/5

6 months ago

Nguyen D. rated 2/5
the crepes are over cooked. So the taste is a bit bitter. And there are more covers than inside. The price is not that expensive but to eat a crepe like that in a restaurant, I prefer to do myself at home. Im sorry ...
8 months ago

Monique R. rated 5/5
Nous avons dû annuler. Nous les avons prévenus la veille
8 months ago

Noé G. rated 2/5
La serveuse était tout ce qu’il y a de malaimable !
8 months ago


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